Studio Reformers

Studio Reformers

What will Pilates do for me

Regular Pilates training will:

  • Strengthen and tone muscles

  • Relieve stress

  • Strengthen the body's core

  • Alleviate chronic back and joint pain

  • Improve coordination and balance

  • Improve stamina

  • Increase blood flow, circulation and metabolism

  • Enhance your sporting performance

  • Give you a more upright posture

  • Be safe for both pre and post-natal movement

  • Increase concentration

  • Promote oxygen absorption

  • Be safe for osteoporosis

Joseph Pilates 1883 - 1967

Joseph Pilates and client at his studio in New York

Joseph Pilates and client at his studio in New York

It all started when...

A young and sickly Joseph Pilates (Joe) with rickets and rheumatic fever was inspired to heal his own maladies. He  read anatomy books, studied ancient Greek wrestling, gymnastics and boxing. He was also fascinated by nature and the out doors - he watched and studied the movement of animals - cats were his favourite. From these roots grew his lifelong devotion to training himself and others to have complete command of their mind and body. Over the years he designed and built equipment to help achieve this. Part of Joe's genius was creating individually tailored work that's good for everybody.