Choosing your session

When booking in for the first time we recommend our Introductory Session. This class will allow our highly trained instructors to assess your body and introduce you to the Pilates method.

Group classes

Private Introductory Session

A one on one session to introduce you to the Pilates equipment and method. A great way to experience the benefits of Pilates for the first time. 

Private Sessions

During these sessions you will have the undivided attention of the teacher who will progress you through the Pilates repertoire. As you get stronger and more familiar you will advance to more challenging exercises

Group Classes

A great way to continue your Pilates sessions in a group environment. The session will involve a mix of group work-out as well as individual programming specific to your Pilates level and skill. 

Pilates Equipment

Pilates Equipment

Not just a Mat workout

The Pilates Method is a whole system carried out on various pieces of equipment designed by Joseph Pilates. There is a set series of exercises on two pieces which are the foundation cornerstones of the method; they are the Mat and Reformer. Most of us will be familiar with the Mat work already as it is the most commonly taught. The second piece of equipment is called the Reformer (see below for details).

Everyone has a different body and as such will progress through the work at different rates. Our job as teachers is to use the system and equipment to best help you and your body. As a student part of your work will follow a structure from beginner foundations to advanced on the Mat and Reformer; but also, where appropriate, we will add in the other pieces of equipment too. 

The main equipment you will become familiar with

  • The Reformer: A sliding carriage attached to springs
  • Mat: A padded mat with a foot strap
  • The Cadillac: A four posted table with springs attached to the posts
  • The Tower: A modified Cadillac with just two posts
  • The Chair: A chair with a spring loaded paddle
  • The High Barrel: A padded half barrel with a ladder attached  

As you progress

Everyone will learn the Mat and Reformer Classical repertoire. It is an ordered series of exercises that eventually flow into one another. Group classes will also take place on the tower and chairs, there is no set series here though. Added to the group class and depending on your specific needs other equipment will be used to help your particular weaknesses. The progamme will be assessed and adjusted where deemed appropriate by your teacher