Booking times that suit you

We want you to come and try our Private Introductory Session and then we'll get a good idea of where your level is. Choose a Private Introductory Session below at a time you're happy with and book it online. You can also email or telephone 01225 444 525. We're looking forward to hearing from you.


  • The Pilates Quarter Membership, what you need to know:

    • What is it: A great option if you want to commit to weekly sessions at a discounted price.

    • Charges: Your debit/credit card will be charged on the same day each week for your classes. Payments must be set up to arrive before your session.

    • How will the payments work? Card debits will continue throughout the year including personal holidays and the studio’s scheduled closures. Clients are entitled to makeup classes for any missed sessions.

    • Can I change a time? You will receive class reminder emails that allow you to cancel/change your appointment before the 24hr cut off point. You can also set up a login on the bookings page of our website.

    • Can I cancel? Classes must be cancelled  24 hrs in advance of your session to avoid being charged. Early cancelled classes will be added as a credit to your account and can be made up at any available time or gifted to a friend or family member.

    • Ending the membership: Please provide 30 days notice before your final billing to cancel.

    • Arranging a payment holiday: You can arrange a membership pause if you are away for 3 weeks or more, please provide 1 month’s notice.