Booking times that suit you

As we are a new studio our timetable is flexible. We want you to come and try our introductory session and then we'll build our group classes where there's demand. For the moment choose a time you're happy with and book in online here, or through our email or telephone 01225 444 525. We're looking forward to hearing from you.


Payments and cancellation

  • Payments are weekly by direct debit and in advance of booked sessions and can be made through our booking system above.
  • Sessions must be cancelled  24 hrs in advance of class to avoid being charged full price. Early cancellations will be added as credit to your account and can be made up at an available time or gifted to a friend or family member (2 x Weekly Group Sessions = 1 x Private Introduction Session).
  • Weekly direct debits will continue throughout the year including during the studios scheduled closures and clients are entitled to makeup classes for any missed sessions
  • For long client absences the direct debit can be stopped and then restarted with a 30 day notice period.