Thinking of Teaching Pilates?

If you would like to work at The Pilates Quarter we provide comprehensive training for our teachers. If you are already a teacher or interested in learning about the body, working with people and gaining a thorough knowledge of the Pilates Method please click the link below to our contact page:

Meet The Team

Elaine Dowsett Co-owner of The Pilates Quarter

Elaine Dowsett Co-owner of The Pilates Quarter

Elaine was introduced to Pilates in the mid 90s as part of her classical ballet training. She began her Pilates teaching apprenticeship at Westmere Pilates, in Auckland, New Zealand, in 2006. She went on to study with Polestar Pilates where she gained a formal comprehensive qualification.

In 2008 Elaine qualified as a pre-natal and post-partum specialist through the centre for women’s fitness in Michigan USA.

Elaine and her partner Phil opened their own studio in Wellington, New Zealand in 2010. After the birth of their second child, they sold the studio and moved back to the UK in 2014.

It is in Classical Pilates that Elaine has found huge inspiration. As part of her ongoing professional development, Elaine completed the Advanced Teacher Training Program with The Pilates Center at Pepilates in London 2015.

Philip Ward co-owner of The Pilates Quarter

Philip Ward co-owner of The Pilates Quarter

Phil brings several foundation years of osteopathic training to his Pilates work, which has given him a solid knowledge of human anatomy and fuelled his love of body work. 

Together with his partner Elaine, Phil owned a studio, Pilates Flow, in Wellington, New Zealand. Since early 2010 he was one of the core teaching team at Pilates Flow as well as the studio's business manager. He has completed both Polestar Pilates' comprehensive training (1 year) and The Pilates Center's advanced teacher training (1 year).

Phil is also a trained actor which has further inspired his fascination with movement and the body. Phil has always felt that the specificity and focus of Pilates gives the human body greater ease of movement and freedom of expression.

Kotryna Kvedaras

Kotryna Kvedaras

Kotryna is originally from Lithuania but now currently based near Bristol. Like Phil and Elaine she completed her advanced teacher training through The Pilates Center.

She previously taught at Pepilates and Pure Pilates in London. She taught privates, small group equipment, mat, as well as pre-natal classes. She has continued her Pilates education working with master teacher Debora Kolwey (The Pilates Center, Boulder Colorado) and Pilates for Juniors through Polestar Pilates.

Her classes are fun and full of energy with a serious edge.  Her main aim is to help people use the Pilates work to effectively achieve more muscular balance, tone, flexibility, breathing and a healthier balance of body and mind.

Miriam McSorley

Miriam McSorley

Miriam was apprenticed through The Pilates Quarter and subsequently attained her Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) teaching certification.

Since qualifying Miriam has continued expanding her knowledge by working with master teachers such as Karen Frischmann and Dana Santi.

Having felt the enormous benefits of Pilates in her own life and body, Miriam’s main objective as a teacher is to help clients develop and maintain balanced and strong bodies believing this will in turn support a sound mind and steadfast spirit.

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Shauna was apprenticed through The Pilates Quarter. She has always had an interest in health and fitness, very much enjoying cycling and going to the gym.

Shauna was introduced to Pilates in her early twenties as she had been suffering with back problems. She found that Pilates reduced her pain significantly, helped her to find a healthy posture and improved her outlook on life.

Shauna wants to make people feel their best during her classes, her goals are to have people feeling stronger, more flexible and relaxed.